Prof. Cameron Newton

Professor Business School, Management, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Professional Experiences

  • Regular speeches at industry and professional events relating to issues such as employee stress and performance, governance and other human resource management issues
  • Registered psychologist, supervisor of the Psychology Board of Australia Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Business School
  • The Australian Centre for Philantrophy and Nonprofit Studies
  • Positions in finance and management consultancy
  • Various management positions within banking and financial services organizations

Educational Background

  • PhD in organizational psychology at The University of Queensland
  • B.A. Hons (Psychology) at The University of Queensland
  • 1991:Bachelor of Commerce at Griffith University

Research Interests

  • Organization psychology
  • Nonprofit organizational culture
  • Work stress and innovative interventions
  • Identity and effectiveness including volunteer, employee and governance issues
  • Tax deductible donations made by individual Australians

Representative Publications

  • Newnam     SA, Greenslade JH, Newton CJ, Watson BC, (2011) Safety in occupational driving:     Development of a driver behavior scale for the workplace context, Applied Psychology: an international review     p576-599
  • Nicholson     G, Newton CJ, (2010) The role     of the board of directors: Perceptions of managerial elites, Journal of Management and Organization     p204-218
  • Leiter     J, Newton CJ, (2010) Nonprofit organizational behaviour : sociological and     psychological approaches, International     Encyclopedia of Civil Society p1076-1088
  • Newton     CJ, Jimmieson NL, (2009) Subjective     fit with organisational culture : an investigation of moderating effects     in the work stressor-employee adjustment relationship, The International Journal of Human Resource Management     p1770-1789
  • Newnam     SA, Newton CJ, McGregor-Lowndes M, (2009) Predicting the safety     performance of volunteers: Does motivation for volunteering influence     driving behaviour?, Safety     Science p1090-1096


T: +61 7 3138 2523
F: +61 7 3138 1313