Measure. Develop. Ensure.

Your employees are one of the most important parts of your company. We support you – and therefore your company – to make the best out of yourself, to recognise your potential and to use it in the best possible way.

We accompany people

The employees are the most important potential of a company. With the help of diagnostic tools, we analyse resources and capacities on an individual base, therefore making succesful stress- and resource management possible.

The language of the heart

Foundation of our work is an objective and scientifically based method, the analysis of heart rate variability. Together with our employees and the available data, we are able to explore your personal potential and resources.

New Energy

From analysis to change: Developing talents, resources and potential in our professional lives is possible for everyone. This helps us being more performant, motivated and satisfied.

3 continents

3 continents

With our clients and licence partners we are active in Europe, Australia and Asia.

36 countries

36 countries

We implement our projects internationally and in many different languages.

78 cities

78 cities

We are with you on-site: from Banská Bystrica to Ruzomberok, from Amsterdam to Zurich.

6500 measurements

6500 measurements

Tried and tested several thousand times: we provide routine and experience with our measurements.

Statements of our clients

“The aim of the project was to support the employees and managerial staff in facing higher demands within the workplace and, alongside this, also to preserve abilities in performance, increase motivation, reduce stress load and to prevent burn out. My personal results, showed that I found enjoyment in particular tasks, especially those involving cooperation with others, and therefore, that is the sort of work that should be what inspires me.” 

Brigitte Gössler

“My attention was captured at a presentation by Frau Mag. Ristl, during a WDF-Evening, Sparkasse allowed 15 participants to take part in a 24 hour HRV-Measurement with feedback. Principally the managerial teams of the two floors took part as well as some other employees. From early on it was interesting to see the measurement results which where conveyed to participants in one on one conversations. It showed straight away that with taking just a few conscious measures, a personals sense of well-being and ability to regenerate and recover can be enhanced.

The workshops on offer, with the presentation of anonymised group results, allowed the participants to quickly identify their “fields of activity” together and decide what measures could be taken. Together with the board of directors we tried in a group to develop and implement new measures for our workspace (amongst others, these included quiet islands, green office space, higher acceptance of breaks, opportunities to work off stress). In addition, every participant was given responsibility for themselves and the improvement of their own personal situations.

This programme from AUTONOM TALENT®, is more than just guarding against causes of stress and burn out risks. The support, the workshop, and the variety of opportunities and approaches to improve on situations, help to ensure its long lasting results.”

Gerhard Übelacker
Leiter Personal, Sparkasse NÖ Mitte West AG

„From a project with AUTONOM TALENT® I want focus on the feedback given on a private one to one basis. With every single participant, options were discussed regarding the implementation of everyday measures and techniques. This personal style of coaching was taken on board by all participants in the project with great interest and had a variety of impacts in the workplace: a quiet room for employees was set up in the care home, the employees have given up smoking, have changed their eating habits, consciously set themselves breaks or do more sport. The second HRV-Measurement showed a clear improvement, but also demonstrated that without making an effort to change personally, this could deteriorate. We await the result of the third HRV-Measurement with great excitement. “

Helga Marian
Pflegedienstleitung, NÖ LANDESPFLEGEHEIM Mistelbach


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