Retrospective on the event in Hamburg and Vienna “Congress of positive psychology”, June 2016 Andrea Ristl reports inspired and enthusiastically about these event days

In a variety of fields including health care, therapy, coaching, education, management, leadership and well-being there is a great deal of interest today in the scientific and applied aspects of “positive psychology.” What practitioners in each of these fields have discovered is that a positive approach to any of these specific aspects of life can…


Continuation of our article series: increase your effectiveness and pleasure of achievement, ensure the productivity of your company Part 2: How to use stress positively

Stress – the word immediately invokes very negative connotations. Nobody wants it. We blame it for everything; stress is just bad news, or so we are told. There are, however, good things that go with it:  The fact is, we need stress, the positive, the healthy and the right kind of stress. Current studies show…


Invitation to AUTONOM TALENT®’s business breakfast “neurobiology and heart rate variability in today’s modern life madness” with Univ. -Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lalouschek, MSc as main speaker 13.09.2016

The brain, a marvel of evolution, and the heart as motor of our bodies – two inseparable organs which we have always been fascinated by. Each, together and separately, remain subject to studies led by scientists of many different research fields. Findings from these studies, including some very recent, have surprising applications for personnel and…


We are on the podium – at the International Constantinus Award 2016 in Toronto

This award recognizes the best international projects in the field of consulting and is awarded to both the consulting firm and its client. “The Constantinus International Award is already a much sought-after international decoration for outstanding consulting performances”, underlines UBIT-Association Chairman Alfred Harl the importance of the global award. The awarded project with our client…


New licence partner CONVIVO HR

The well known Slovenian consulting company CONVIVO HR has successfully completed the first licence partner modules and will be able, from now on, to offer the AUTONOM Talent® 3-step-method to its clients in Slovenia and Croatia. Congratulations to the whole team of CONVIVO HR, we are looking forward to a good cooperation!