Prof. Uwe Dulleck

Professor, Business School, Economics and Finance, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Uwe Dulleck is a Professor of Economics at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). His expertise lies in the economics of strategic behaviour and incentives using modern economic and behavioural methods. The latter includes the use of physiological measurements, in particular Heart Rate Variability, in economic experiments.

In the area of incentives of experts, his approach and expertise reaches from the studying monetary incentives structures and its relation to the institutional environment (see for example the 2006 article in the Journal of Economic Literature – the Economics Journal with the highest impact factor per article, as well as the media coverage in THE ECONOMIST, 15th of April) to the behavioural and experimental work observing decision making in laboratory settings (see for example the 2011 article in the American Economic Review – the top journal in Economics), to articles in IT, in particular information security, applying the theoretical and experimental findings to IT systems governing access to sensitive data.

Uwe is a Chief investigator on 3 ARC grants, two of which are linkages with industry partners. The two grants with industry in particular from the Human Resources and Engineering sector that investigate the use of physiological measurements to develop training programs for leaders where information advantages (i.e. expertise) play an important role.